About This Poster Project

This series of poster designs are all created using the isometric tools in Affinity Designer. Each design uses isometric tools to create a completely different look with text.

Designering Poster - Affinity


This is one of my favorite isometric poster designs that I’ve done. Using a magenta outline on a dark purple background gave this design a really unique look. You can check out the speed design for this poster here.

Procrastinate Poster - Affinity


The idea for this design spawned from coming up with the text first, then wanting to combine it with colours that were more muted than I typically use. The end result was great; and incorporating some unique brush effects seemed to complete the design. The speed design is on YouTube here.

Pirata One Poster - Affinity

Pirata One

This poster design came about after I had originally wanted to do a bunch of minimalist posters using this font. After using Pirata One for a bit I decided to go in this direction instead; creating only one poster and making it more detailed. I love how this one turned out. Check it out here.

CMYK Poster - Affinity


This design was an experiment in layering isometric letters on different planes. To do that, I wanted to use a small word with letters stacked vertically but then realized that using the letters CMYK would not only allow this but would give me a clearly defined colour scheme to work within. Also, it’s very designery. The speed design video can be watched here.