Abstract Galaxy Poster

Scuba Balloons Poster

Lighthouse Poster

Glitched Galaxy Poster

About This Project

This is a continuation of my poster series I’ve been doing on YouTube; showcasing the design of each poster as speed art. These are some of my favorite poster designs that I’ve done from July 2019 to August 2019.

These posters are created in Adobe Photoshop using imagery from free stock photo sites like Pexels.com and Unsplash.com as the starting point for each image. After selecting an image or two, I then experiment too see what I can create using different Photoshop tools and techniques.

Abstract Galaxy

I’ve been playing around with the 3D tools in Photoshop a lot lately and found some amazing techniques to get some really awesome looking imagery. This one in particular is inspired by Dorian Legret’s work. I love this beautiful yet chaotic style of abstract art and I plan on doing a lot more like this in the future. You can check out the speed design for this poster here.

Scuba Balloons

This poster was inspired by the initial image I found of the colorful hallway. Using that as a starting point, I wanted to do something very symmetrical and found the image of the scuba diver looked really neat over top. After that I considered putting some water at the top of the poster, then bubbles, but ultimately found an image of hot air balloons that worked really well. You can see the speed design for this poster here.

A Lighthouse

This poster was meant to be a subtle tribute to the video game series ‘Bioshock’. The quote “There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city” is a key theme in the franchise. Check out the speed design for this poster here on YouTube.

Glitched Galaxy

This design was, again, made out of a desire to experiment with the 3D tools in Photoshop. I really love the sharpness and randomness of this effect. The glitch effect gives it a really cool look too. The speed design for this poster can be watched here.

Project Type

Digital Art / Poster Designs


N/A YouTube Creative Project

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop