About This Project

I worked at Homes & Living Magazine from 2007 to 2009, in that time producing 5 magazines. The company was just starting up, so I wore a lot of hats as Art Director. I coordinated the advertisement and article content in the magazine, designed all pages, and worked closely with our advertisers to produce small to full page advertisements and advertorial content.

At the time, because the company was in its early days, we relied heavily on advertiser content to keep us afloat. This meant much of the magazine was advertising, incorporating many small ads into unrelated double page spreads, and taking up many full pages that would otherwise be utilized for articles. This did not allow for the polish and sophistication I would have liked at the time, and everything felt very cluttered; so, using the original text and imagery, I have redesigned many of the pages as I would have liked to have done in the first place.

Homes and Living Magazine Cover

Homes and Living magazine feature home Homes and Living Magazine Architecture Homes and Living Magazine restaurant Homes and Living Magazine leather article Homes and Living Magazine weekend away

Project Type

Publication Design


Homes & Living Magazine

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign