About This Poster Project

This series of poster designs were designed in Affinity Designer using both basic tools and isometric tools, created near the end of 2020 to early 2021.

Perfecting Vectors Isometric Poster Design

Perfecting Those Vectors

This minimalist poster design was based on my old Instagram username: Perfecting Vectors. Essentially, I wanted to create a simple poster design that used only a few colours in a high contrast way and find draw everything on an isometric angle. You can check out the tutorial for this poster on my YouTube channel here.Abstract Isometric Poster Design

Level Up Poster DesignNintendo PosterAbstract Isometric

For this poster design, I really just wanted to have fun with it. I started by making random isometric geometric shapes and putting them next to each other to make something that represents an mind bending 3D space. I also wanted to limit myself to a very limited colour scheme and I think it worked well here. You can find the speed art for this poster here.

Level Up

For this poster I really wanted to follow a video game theme with isometric text and make it super colourful. First I designed the primary text, then experimented on ways to give it more depth. Next I added gaming elements like coins, stars, and clouds and mountains from the Super Mario games. The speed design for this poster can be watched here.


This poster is another video game themed one, but minus the isometric style. Instead, I wanted to do a poster full of icons but in a structured way. The theme here, because it was my 64th poster, was Nintendo, so the icons are primarily Nintendo themed things. You can check out the speed art for this poster design on YouTube here.