Vancouver Island Insurance Centres Website Concept

About This Project

When I worked at Homes & Living Magazine in 2009, our marketing division approached one of our advertisers, Vancouver Island Insurance Centres, in re-designing their website; which, at the time, desperately needed an update. At that time they only wanted to refresh their site, and wanted to keep the majority of their existing branding in place. We presented a new website strategy that re-organized the information on their website to make it more consumer friendly and professional looking, and gave it that ‘west-coast feel’ they were looking for.

Here, I’ve updated my original design concept from 2009 to reflect the evolution in technology and how we use the web and mobile devices today.

Unfortunately, we presented their new site design concept right before I moved across the country, so I never knew what became of our pitch. Today, Vancouver Island Insurance Centres has re-branded themselves as Waypoint insurance, so the Insurance Centres brand no longer exists.

Project Type

Website Re-Design


Marketing MAXX / Homes & Living Magazine

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator