About This Project

There this online design challenge called the Fake Album Cover Game that asks you to create album art for a fake band, using randomly generated imagery, artist name, and album name. I loved the idea of this challenge, so I decided to go for it myself. Instead of using imagery from flicker, as suggested by the internet, I decided to use randomized imagery from Pexels.com. This massively increased the quality of the designs and there are no copyright issues.

This was a fun design challenge because it mimicked real-world scenarios, where a designer is given text and imagery that don’t always work together, then they need to make it work.

If you want to do your own album art cover challenge, I’ve detailed the instructions here.

Album Cover Art Design 2 Album Cover Art Design 1 Album Cover Art Design 3 Album Cover Art Design 4

Project Type

Album Cover Art


N/A Creative Project

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop