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About This Poster Project

These are some of my first poster designs of 2020, and visually, they’re all quite different. I like to have some variety in my design work, and it shows. Regardless, these are my favorite poster designs from the beginning of 2020; when optimism was still in the air.

Twenty Twenty

This was one of my first Affinity Designer poster design projects and I really wanted it to be simple. It also helped me discover my love for the font Playfair Display, which is the primary font I use on my website. Check out the speed design for this poster here.

Isometric Twenty Twenty

Continuing the theme of the new year, I wanted to design another poster for 2020, but this time in isometric style. I really like how this poster turned out because it’s the same idea as the first 2020 poster, but executed in a completely different style. Check it out on YouTube.

Dancing In A Glitch

This was a fun poster to create because I love using glitch effects in Photoshop. I like the simple colour palatte used here and the surreal feeling of the poster overall. You can check out the speed design for this one on YouTube here.

Planetary Chaos

This poster might be one of my favorites, or at least one of my Photoshop favorites. I created both the background and the ‘planet’ using the Photoshop 3D tools and I love how it turned out. You can watch the speed design here.

Project Type

Digital Art / Poster Designs


N/A YouTube Creative Project

Software Used

Affinity Photo
Affinity Designer
Adobe Photoshop

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