Sinema Seven - Wrath Poster

Sinema Seven - Gluttony Poster

Sinema Seven - Lust Poster

Sinema Seven - Pride PosterSinema Seven - Sloth PosterSinema Seven - Greed Poster

Sinema Seven - Envy Poster

About This Project

Sinema Seven is a fun, creative poster project I did a few years back. I wanted to do seven abstract posters that represented each of the seven deadly sins through movie quotes.

I used quotes from popular movie characters and paired them with a background of abstract textures and shapes. I tried to match each colour scheme and shape arrangement according to it’s corresponding sin.

Overall, I really like how these turned out. I think I picked characters/quotes that worked well with each sin and I like how they all look when presented together.

Project Type

Digital Art / Poster Designs


N/A Creative Project

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop