Healthy Level Up Website Design

About This Project

I started this blog,, while in nutrition school in 2015. Nutrition has always been a passion of mine and learning more about it was a great experience. I began blogging because I enjoy writing, and there were so many topics about food, sustainability, and overall health that I wanted to talk about.

The blog began with a very simple logo and identity design, which was more of a placeholder than anything. After a few years I decided to put in the time to make a proper logo and revamp the website. Initially, I wanted to go with a darker site look since most of the imagery I used was darker and I really liked the look of the site. After awhile I decided a lighter look might be more in tune with the idea of health and wellness, so the website evolved again. The logo has largely remained intact, although the leaf icon isn’t used on my current site homepage as a simpler look worked better on the site header.

Project Type

Identity Design & Website Design

Client (myself)

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator